What is meant by average clause in a fire policy?

Answer Some say it means "short wheel base" and others say it means "short wide box". These terms usually refer to pick up trucks.

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The Suicide Clause and Life Insurance Policy?

A person who becomes depressed may consider taking her own life to leave her loved ones with the benefits from a life insurance policy. In some situations, a life insurance policy's suicide clause ... Read More »

What is definition of sunset clause in liability insurance policy?

It has to do with time limits where the policyholder can to bring a claim to the insurance company. Please see related link below!

What is a manifestation clause as it pertains to a general liability insurance policy?

A mOn anifestation clause on a full occurence policy completely changes and limits an insured's policy. Most insureds with a manifestation clause on their policy either do not know they have one, d... Read More »

What is the definition of a Sunset clause in Commercial General liability policy?

Answer A sunset clause is a provision in a liability policy which states that the insurer will respond only to losses reported before some predetermined future date (sunset), usually a set period ... Read More »