What is meant by appropiate behaviour when interacting with children?

Answer BE NICE TO THEM AND NOT ALL GROSS !give them some space they dont want to be with you 24/7

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What is meant by appropiate and inappropiate behaviour when interacting with children?

appropriate is by mean of talking or speaking nice inappropriate is by forcing the children or hurting the child

What is meant by appropriate and inappropriat behaviour when interacting with children and young people the policies and procedures to follow and why these are important?

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Interacting with children?

I think you would benefit from looking up Erik Erikons stages of development, there you will find what children are developmentally suppose to be during each stage in their life, from there you can... Read More »

Parents: Is it appropiate to threathen your children that you will hit them if they?

I tell my 6 yr old when hes being cheeky that ill smack his bum if he doesn't behave, ...he knows i wont so he will reply with *come n get me smelly* then smacks my bum lol.I don't believe in smack... Read More »