What is meant by P.S while writing something?

Answer At the end of a letter, P.S. means Post Script. The only reason why you would use this, is if you typed a letter on a typewriter, and wanted to add something later. It's an obsolete concept. ... Read More »

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Well I pulled something in my back while lifting something and it hurts to move around?

Get x-rayed buddy sounds like you have a herniated disc...

Is it true that if you hit your head you are not meant to go to sleep for a while afterwards?

Yes, it is true to some extent. It is really a precautionary measure. What happens when you hit your head on something or something hits on your head, your brain bounces around inside your skull. I... Read More »

Im 22yr female suffering from shaking of hands while writing the shaking does not occur while eating,working?

Tremors can happen at any age but tend to be more common in older people. Everyone has some tremor when they move their hands. Stress, fatigue, anger, fear, caffeine, and cigarettes may temporarily... Read More »

What is something you love to do while listening to music?

If its a pop rap etc then I stop work and start dancing while sitting on chair even. If the song is sad or God related tears roll down my cheeks and won't stop even the song is over. after that all... Read More »