What is meant by Earnings multiplier?

Answer P/E Ratio

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Just how big is this glass of water we're meant to drink X amounts of per day meant to be?

yours doesn't count Elric because it's full of super! PMSL

How to Use a Multiplier in Bejeweled?

Multiplier gems are special gems earned in Bejeweled Blitz that multiply players' scores by the amount shown on them. Multiplier gems help players quickly achieve high scores that would be otherwis... Read More »

How to Calculate the CPU Multiplier?

A CPU multiplier is a term used to describe the speed at which a computer processes information. Specifically, it expresses the relationship between the speed of the internal clock and the speed of... Read More »

The make up of the dyson air multiplier fan?

No I think Mr Dyson Has these safely locked away somewhere ?