What is meaning of pansies?

Answer It is a plant with flowers!The name comes from the French Penser - to think. Translating it to a flower name is means 'thoughtful'

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Do pansies need sun?

Pansies need partial to full sun to grow. They should be planted in a sunny location spaced apart 6 to 10 inches. Adding a granular time-release fertilizer to the soil when you initially plant them... Read More »

Are pansies perennials?

In certain parts of the country, where warm, temperate weather exists, pansies are perennials. In other areas, such as the South and Midwest, pansies are annuals. Perennial plants are hearty varie... Read More »

Flowers That Look Like Pansies?

Small pansies are early bloomers that flower in a wide variety of colors. Easy to grow and vibrant, pansies are a simple addition to any garden. They're a popular choice among gardeners, but they h... Read More »

When can I plant pansies?

The best time to plant pansies is when the soil temperature is between 45 and 65 degrees F. Planting when soil is too cold leads to stunted plants with inactive roots and little or no flowering.Sou... Read More »