What is meaning of pansies?

Answer It is a plant with flowers!The name comes from the French Penser - to think. Translating it to a flower name is means 'thoughtful'

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Are pansies perennials?

In certain parts of the country, where warm, temperate weather exists, pansies are perennials. In other areas, such as the South and Midwest, pansies are annuals. Perennial plants are hearty varie... Read More »

Pansies in Zone 4?

The pansy (Viola --- wittrockiana) is a short-lived perennial flowering plant grown by many gardeners. The name pansy comes from the French "pensee," which means "to think." The pansy is a winter h... Read More »

How cold can pansies get?

Pansies can typically survive freezing temperatures, especially in the case of pansies labeled as "winter pansies" or "cold hardy". In some cases, pansies may freeze solid during very cold weather,... Read More »

Are Pansies Safe to Eat?

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