What is meaning of " lol "in chat?

Answer it means laughing out loudly

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What is the meaning of IMAO in chat?

According to the Acronym Finder, the two chat definitions of IMAO include In My Arrogant Opinion and In My Anal Opinion. The acronym is used to make a forceful declaration. Compare this to IMHO, wh... Read More »

Where's a good place for teens to chat that isn't a chat room and isn't Myspace, Twitter, or Facebook?

Where online can you chat for free, besides Yahoo! Chat?

If you have a myspace profile,the chatrooms are free.

How to Chat Online With Yourself in wikiHow's IRC Chat Room?

Want to experiment with shortcuts in wikiHow's IRC Chat Room but don't want to interrupt anyone? Maybe you want to practice but you don't want to do it in the public chat room, and you don't have a... Read More »