What is mean by duly attested photograph?

Answer duly attested is by another than you person,one who is in a position to do so, a gov-agency,attorney,bank official,notary. authenticated by one other than you(witnessed) in the presence of other,... Read More »

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What does"duly noted"mean?

The proper definition of duly is “in a due manner or time.” Using this information, the term "duly noted" means that something will be acknowledged in due time. In street terms, "duly noted" me... Read More »

What does photograph mean?

Photo = lightGraph = writing or drawing;so "drawing with light"

What does it mean if a photograph is copyrighted?

It means reproduction or distribution of the photograph is legal after permission from the author is sought.

What do the stars below the photograph in US Visa mean?

One of my friend mention it determines the 'hotness' status of the applicant...the more the star the higher risk of the person of my friend who has 3 star had gone thru long interview up... Read More »