What is maxillary sinus disease?

Answer Your maxillary sinuses are two empty cavities in your skull, found on either side of your nose beneath your cheeks, between your eyes and mouth. Sometimes called chronic sinusitis, maxillary sinus ... Read More »

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Bipolar Maxillary Sinus Disease?

Bipolar maxillary sinus disease affects both the left and right sinuses.The maxillary sinuses sit on either side of the nose, behind the cheeks. The maxillary sinuses may become diseased alone or i... Read More »

What Are the Treatments for Maxillary Sinus?

If you have pain, pressure or tenderness just under the cheekbones, your maxillary sinus cavities may have become infected. According to the Merk Manuals Online Library, 10 to 15 million people per... Read More »

What is complete opacification of the visualized portion of the right maxillary sinus?

Sinuses normally appear black in X-rays (or CT and MRI images). Complete opacification of the visualized portion of the right maxillary sinus means the portion of the sinus visible in an image is c... Read More »

Can mucocele in the maxillary sinus impede blood flow to the brain?

On One Hand: Blood flow to the brain avoids sinusesAccording to the neuroanatomy information from California State University in Chico, blood flows to the brain through the internal carotid artery.... Read More »