What is maternity insurance?

Answer Maternity insurance covers the costs associated with pregnancy and delivery of a baby. Although group insurance policies through employers are legally required to include maternity benefits in thei... Read More »

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What insurance companies offer disability insurance with maternity pay?

By law, the recovery time for delivery of a baby is viewed as a disability. Therefore any company that provides disability benefits/payments has to consider this type of claim. However, you must pa... Read More »

How much is maternity insurance?

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How to Purchase Maternity Insurance?

Statistics show that at any given time 40 to 80 million Americans are without health insurance. Being without insurance is a concern for any individual, but that worry is compounded in a woman of ... Read More »

Benefits of Maternity Employment Insurance?

Having a baby can be a wonderful experience for parents and having maternity insurance through employment can help cut down the costs associated with pregnancy and childbirth. While there are other... Read More »