What is mastery in biorhythm?

Answer Mastery in biorhythm is a blend of primary biorhythms that indicate when peak periods and critical days can affect an individual's performance. Biorhythms are based on a persons birth date.Primary ... Read More »

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What is a biorhythm?

A biorhythm is a theoretical cycle that affects a person's life. It is more specifically a biological cycle that attempts to predict the importance of certain tasks and activities. In this regard, ... Read More »

What is the biorhythm of our sleep?

Biorhythms are the way the body times itself to the 24 hour cycle of the sun, hormonally signaling when it is time to work, eat and sleep to maintain health. Two types of biorhythms affect sleep, o... Read More »

What are the Job Mastery items in mafia wars?

New Bonus ItemsStreet Thug (lvls 1 - 4)You have mastered all of the level 3 “Street Thug” jobs earning the title of “Master Street Thug”.A Pistol Bayonet has been added to your inventory, g... Read More »

What Happens If My Child Does Poorly on the Connecticut Mastery Test?

In Connecticut, students are required to take a major, state-authorized standardized test each year at the elementary and middle school levels. It is called the Connecticut Mastery Test (CMT). The ... Read More »