What type of front is formed when a cool air mass displaces a warm air mass?

Answer Fronts occur where two different air masses meet. When cool air displaces warm air, it's called a cold front. Cold fronts are able to keep up their intensity over great distances and tend to bring ... Read More »

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What is measured in nits ?

You girls are both right! It's a unit of measure for both crabs and lice! Doc BC is so wrong! Where does he get this stuff?!

What is the wattage measured in?

Watts. Big wattage is measured in kilowatts (watts x 1000).

What is a visibility meter measured in?

A visibility meter is used to measure the high and low visibilities of the Earth's atmosphere. A good or high visibility is when a visibility meter does not detect nearby cloud or fog and an indivi... Read More »

What is a graduated cylinder measured in?

According to the Math/Science Nucleus, a graduated cylinder measures the volume of liquids in milliliters. They commonly range in size from 10 ml to 500 ml and can be made either of acid-resistant ... Read More »