What is masonry work?

Answer Masonry work involves the building of structures by using mortar to combine pieces of heavy-duty material, usually brick, stone, marble, granite or concrete. The practice of masonry usually results... Read More »

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What does masonry work mean?

A mason is someone who uses stone or brick materials to build things. Masonry is in reference to what was built. For example, stone walls and brick pathways are types of masonry. Masonry work is an... Read More »

Types of Masonry Work?

Masonry is both the name of a type of construction material and the way of using that material. Generally, masonry refers to laying individual stones, bricks or blocks bound by mortar to form the b... Read More »

How to Use a Masonry Scaffold?

A masonry scaffold used on a construction site.Masonry scaffolds make brick or block laying safer and more efficient when working higher than a mason can easily reach from the ground. Erecting and ... Read More »

What is masonry siding?

Masonry siding is the outer wall covering of a building, usually used to protect the building from weather. Masonry siding is made of durable materials such as brick, stone, cement or stucco, says ... Read More »