What Is Mascara Made Of?

Answer Mascara is a cosmetic that has been used for thousands of years to thicken the lashes. Originally mascara was made from soot or charcoal. Through the years mascara has been made from various materi... Read More »

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Is mascara really made from bat poo?

aactually no. there is a compound used to make mascara that also happens to be found in bat poop, but that doesn't mean that is what they use. this compound is also found in fish scales. I believe ... Read More »

How is waterproof mascara made?

Mascara is a cosmetic used on your eyelashes, and it is usually applied as a cream via a wand. It can serve a multitude of purposes: darkening, thickening, lengthening, or otherwise defining your e... Read More »

How to Get Clumps Out Of Your Mascara and Keep Mascara From Clumping?

Long, clump-free eyelashes are possible with the right mascara and the right application techniques, regardless of what type of eyelashes you have. Even if you have short, sparse eyelashes, you can... Read More »

**********what mascara do YOU use************?

Estee Lauder (by far my favorite, stays for a long time, and doesn't run out quickly)Maybelline (the pink and green one :))Clinique (can clump a little)