What is marzipan candy?

Answer Marzipan is an often misunderstood, but much loved confection. There are several variations to the recipe, depending on your country of origin. However, the basic marzipan candy always has the same... Read More »

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What is a marzipan pig?

Marzipan is a sweet paste made of ground almonds and sugar that is used in candy making and baking or eaten alone. In northern Europe, marzipan in the shape of a pig is a traditional winter holiday... Read More »

Where did marzipan come from?

According to the Marzipan Love and Niederegger websites, marzipan is also known as marchpane and marzapane. It is believed that marzipan has its roots in China. The almond paste and sugar confectio... Read More »

What is marzipan icing?

Marzipan is an almond icing that is made like a dough and used to cover cakes. It is also used to model figures and fruit, and is used as a decorative icing. Marzipan can preserve cakes since it se... Read More »

Who invented marzipan?

The origin of marzipan is one that his hotly debated. It is generally attributed to the town of Luebeck, Germany in the year 1407. However, many claim its origins are elsewhere, including places su... Read More »