How long has Mariska Hargitay been on Law and Order Special Victims Unit?

Answer Mariska Hargitay has played Detective Benson on SVU since it's premiere episode September 20, 1999. She also appeared as Benson in three episodes of Law and Order and one episode of Law and Order: ... Read More »

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Anyone else a big Mariska Hartigay or SVU fan anyone?

Hell yeah. I'm a huge fan as well. I like the new cast but I also like the old cast with Christopher Meloni. Christopher and Mariska tried out for those parts together and there was that attraction... Read More »

Any there Mariska Hartigay/SVU fans out there?

I love SVU, and have a huge crush on munch, I know, I'm nasty but I don't care lol. I just think he's sexy

If your the eldest brother out of a middle brother and a younger sister why do the middle and youngest sibling dislike the eldest if he doesn't even bother them at all?

Maybe its because they feel you that you have more rigths

Where is the middle ear?

According to the Hearing and Balance Center at the University of Maryland Medical Center, the middle ear is inside the skull. It is a hollow chamber lined with a mucous membrane and protected by th... Read More »