What is mariachi?

Answer Mariachi ensembles are well known for playing on street corners and in restaurants, but have a rich and long cultural history. Mariachi music is recognized across the world as distinctly Mexican.Wh... Read More »

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Where was mariachi born?

Mariachi represents a blending of native Mexican and European musical styles. According to Mexconnect, mariachi music originated in the western Mexican states of Jalisco and Colima. This musical st... Read More »

Where does the term"mariachi"come from?

There is controversy surrounding the origin of the word mariachi and no definitive answer. However, most experts believe mariachi comes from the extinct Coca language in Jalisco, Mexico. Other scho... Read More »

How many trumpets are used in a mariachi band?

According to the Puro Mariachi website's History of the Mariachi, a complete Mariachi band or ensemble will include two trumpets. There are also six to eight violins and a guitar in a Mariachi band... Read More »

Mexican Mariachi Instruments?

Mariachi is a type of music that is uniquely Mexican. It is a blend of native cultures and Spanish influences that has added bits and pieces from other world cultures over the years. Mariachi bands... Read More »