What does it mean when an asteroid has a magnitude of 23.7?

Answer Absolute magnitude is a unit of measurement that rates the brightness of an object in space; it is also used to judge the size of asteroids. An asteroid with an absolute magnitude of 23.7 is consid... Read More »

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What does magnitude estimate mean?

A magnitude estimate refers to the assessment of a physical quantity in terms of a power of 10. This is called an order of magnitude estimate. For example, the mass of the sun is 1.98 x 10^30 kg, s... Read More »

How to Use Magnitude in a Sentence?

Magnitude is a word with several different meanings and using it correctly can be difficult if you are not sure which meaning you need. Many people mistakenly use "magnitude" to refer to the physic... Read More »

How to Find Magnitude?

The question of "how big is it?" is satisfied by an answer that communicates magnitude. In mathematics, magnitude or size, which is always given as a positive value, can be visualized as distance o... Read More »

Which magnitude would appear brightest to the naked eye?

The brightest magnitude depends on what you are seeing and is theoretically an unlimited negative number. The brightest star, Sirius, is a magnitude -1.4. The brightest planet, Venus, shines at mag... Read More »