What is magnet wire used for?

Answer Magnet wire is a type of electrical conductor widely used in electromagnetic equipment like transformers and motors for cars, heating and air conditioning units, generators, computers, phones and o... Read More »

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Homemade Magnet Wire?

Magnet wire is thin, solid copper wire with an insulative coating of enamel, varnish or polymer. You can make your own magnet wire by drawing copper wire to a desired thickness and insulating it.

What Is Sy-Bondeze Magnet Wire?

Sy-Bondeze wire is an insulated magnet wire. It is covered with layers of insulative materials with a bondable topcoat. It is used to make custom coils for electronics applications.

What is magnet wire made of?

Magnet wire is made of insulated copper or aluminum wire. These metals are good electrical conductors. When coiled, the wire will generate an electromagnetic field when a current is run through it.... Read More »

How to Create a Magnet With a Wire and a Nail?

How to make a Magnet with a Wire and Nail. You can create an electromagnet at home that will pick up paper clips or other small objects. You will need a coil of wire, a nail and a battery.