What is macro focus in digital camera of mobile phone ?

Answer Automatic ModeI suspect no one will need any introduction to this mode (as it seems most digital camera owners use it). Auto mode tells your camera to use it’s best judgement to select shutter sp... Read More »

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Which do you like taking pictures on, your mobile phone or a digital camera?

The quality of a cell phone camera and a dedicated digital camera can't compare. Most compacts have already tiny sensors the size of an average pinky nail- Cell phone camera's are literally miniscu... Read More »

When taking a picture, which do you most often use, a mobile phone or a digital camera and why?

Digital camera. 1. Because I think pictures are better and it easier to transfer them to computer. 2. I can take more pictures with a camera than with a phone due to a memory card storage abilities.

How to Shoot Macro With a Compact Digital Camera?

Nice tight shotAlso called a point and shoot (P & S), the compact digital camera is very portable (therefore you carry it more) and fairly easy to work with. Read this article to learn how to do it... Read More »

What is the best compact digital camera for taking macro shots?

There is probably no "best" camera for this purpose. The other factors involved, such as your skill at lighting, protecting the subject from wind (especially in the case of wild flowers) and so for... Read More »