What is dog mace?

Answer Dog mace is a portable, sprayable personal defense product designed or marketed for use in repelling dogs.DescriptionThe term dog "mace" may refer to the dog repellent manufactured by the manufactu... Read More »

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How to Make a Mace?

Less flashy than a sword, often portrayed as a villain's weapon, the deadly mace earned its fatal reputation by breaking bones and skulls on the battlefield for thousands of years. Deceptive in its... Read More »

What was a mace in medieval times?

A mace was used as a weapon in medieval times. It was one of the most readily available types of weapon as it was cheap to make and did not require any specialist weapon-making skills.HistoryA mace... Read More »

Does perfume work as well as mace?

On One Hand: It Has Been Shown to be EffectiveThere are numerous stories in the news of perfume being used as improvised mace, including one listed at about a woman who fought off a knif... Read More »

Who invented Mace spray?

The active ingredient in Mace spray, chloroacetophenone, was discovered in 1869 by the German chemist Graebe. The Lake Erie Chemical Component Company began manufacturing "chemical Mace" as a spray... Read More »