What is mac os leopard?

Answer In October 2007, Apple Computer released Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard as a major upgrade to its Mac OS X operating system. It includes dozens of enhanced features and was compatible with many recent Macin... Read More »

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How to Reset Safari on a Macintosh Running Leopard or Snow Leopard?

Have you ever needed to get rid of a Macintosh, but don't have the time to remove your saved passwords and history from Safari? In this article I will teach you how to do so quickly, and safely.

What do leopard seals eat?

Leopard seals--named for their leopard-like fur--are one of the most fierce members of the seal family. They hunt, prey and feed on other warm-blooded marine mammals such as smaller seals. They als... Read More »

What can leopard geckos eat?

Leopard geckos are popular pet lizards due to their mellow personalities and easy maintenance. Although they are easy to care for they do have some specific dietary needs.The FactsLeopard geckos ar... Read More »

What fruit do leopard geckos eat?

Leopard geckos, a common pet lizard with the scientific name Eublepharis macularius, are carnivores. They eat a diet that is exclusively meat-based, such as insects and spiders. Leopard geckos do n... Read More »