What is lzw compression?

Answer Large computer files can cause a problem with storage or downloading from one computer to another. LZW compression makes the files smaller without losing or distorting the information, making them ... Read More »

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What is compression?

Compression in computing is a process that involves reducing the amount of hard disk memory that a certain file uses, which is a common way to store or make room for new data.PurposeFile compressio... Read More »

What Is a Compression Tee?

Tight-fitting clothing, such as compression shorts and compression tees (T-shirts), have become increasingly popular in the United States. The increased attention can be attributed to the success o... Read More »

What is file compression?

File compression is useful in situations in which you need to reduce the size of a file. For example, some email systems do not allow you to send a message attachment exceeding a specified file siz... Read More »

What is MP3 file compression?

A standard technology for compressing sound called MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3 (MP3) reduces digital sound information to about one-12th of its original size. This allows more music on a CD and easier mus... Read More »