Can you inject lyrica?

Answer No. According to it is only sold in pill form, but you can discuss with your doctor if you would prefer an injectable form of a similar drug. Also, you can o... Read More »

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Needing info on the med. Lyrica please? or search pregabalin and read wikipedia on it

Can withdrawal from lyrica cause ear aches?

On One Hand: Earaches Are Not Commonly ReportedThe makers of Lyrica do not report earaches as a possible symptom of withdrawal from the medication. The most commonly reported Lyrica withdrawal symp... Read More »

Needing info on the med. Lyrica pleaseu?

All kind of information on the internet - if one just takes the time to look.The prescription comes with a pamphlet or paper telling all about it - if one takes the time to read it.The pharmacist c... Read More »

Does anyone have any info on the medicine lyrica....please share?

Just do a search on Google -- you should find plenty of information.