What is low glycemic?

Answer The GI, or glycemic index, of food is a ranking of carbohydrates in foods on a scale of one to 100. A food's ranking correlates to how fast the carbohydrates in that particular food make blood suga... Read More »

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What is the difference between glycemic index and glycemic load?

Both glycemic index and glycemic load refer to a food's effect on your blood sugar. Foods with a high glycemic index and high glycemic load have an unhealthy effect on blood sugar, which may cause... Read More »

What are glycemic foods?

People with diabetes will often refer to the glycemic index to find out how specific foods affect blood sugar. On the low end of the glycemic index are foods that are slow to break down, while food... Read More »

What are low glycemic carbs?

Low glycemic carbs come highly recommended because of their low glycemic index that has significant benefits to our dietary needs. It promotes better absorption and digestion of carbohydrates in th... Read More »

What is GI or glycemic index?

The glycemic index (GI) of a carbohydrate food indicates how quickly it affects blood glucose levels after eating---how rapidly it turns into glucose. Foods with a high GI index raise the blood sug... Read More »