What is love between a man&a woman?

Answer For those who experience it, nothing is more emotionally exciting than true love between a man and a woman. Not only are you spending most of your time with a person of the opposite sex, but you ha... Read More »

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How to explain love to a woman?

Answer This needs clarification, and I'm curious why it's in the abused children section - is the woman you're trying to explain it to someone who was abused as a child? Were you abused as a child... Read More »

How to Love an Imperfect Woman?

All women are imperfect, because nobody is perfect. Maybe you place women on a pedestal and are devastated when you realize they have flaws. Here are some tips for overcoming that kind of thinking.

How to Love a Scorpio Woman?

A Scorpio woman is seductive, mysterious, passionate and intense. She is indeed a mystery and here is how to unravel her thoughts and emotions:

Who played the other woman in Love Actually?

In the 2003 film "Love Actually," the married character of Harry, played by Alan Rickman, is pursued romantically by his assistant, Mia. The character of Mia is played by Heike Makatsch.References:... Read More »