What is london broil meat?

Answer London broil is a popular beef dish that can be ordered at a restaurant or bought in a supermarket. However, purists know that London broil is really a cooking style, not a meat.StyleEvery good coo... Read More »

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How long is red meat good for a London broil?

Traditionally used for London broil, flank steak has a refrigerated storage life of three to five days if stored at or below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. In the freezer, uncooked flank steak safely keeps... Read More »

Why is London broil called London broil?

London broil is an American dish of marinated beef flank steak that is marinated then broiled until medium rare and served sliced against the grain. The origin of the name is unknown, though some t... Read More »

What does London broil mean?

London broil means a tough cut of meat is marinated and cooked in a way that tenderizes it. Tougher cuts of meat that a butcher or restaurant labels London broil include top round steak, sirloin ti... Read More »

What is a london broil steak?

A London broil steak, while a steak, is not a cut of meat like a T-bone, rib eye or porterhouse steak. Instead, London Broil is a way of preparing different types of steak. It is a cooking techniqu... Read More »