What is litmus paper used to determine?

Answer Litmus paper determines whether a solution is an acid or a base. Litmus paper changes color depending on the strength of a solution. Darker shades of red represent a more acidic solution, while dar... Read More »

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What is litmus paper&how is it used?

Litmus paper comes in small strips and is laced with dyes that change a certain color when exposed to an acid or a base. Typically, these papers are put in contact with a liquid for a few seconds a... Read More »

What is blue litmus paper used for?

Blue litmus paper is used to test the pH of different solutions. If the blue litmus paper turns red, this indicates that the solution is acidic and rates below a 7.0 on the pH scale. If the solutio... Read More »

What is ph paper used to determine?

Litmus paper measures the acidity, or pH level, in a solution. The pH is the amount of hydrogen ions found in the liquid. The color of the litmus paper changes based on the amount of acid. High aci... Read More »

What is litmus paper?

Litmus paper is used to determine a solution's acidity or alkalinity. Litmus paper comes in blue and red strips. If a blue strip touches an acid, it turns red. If a red strip touches an alkaline so... Read More »