What is litmus paper made of?

Answer Chemists utilize litmus paper to determine pH or acid-base of certain materials. It is white paper that contains litmus dye. When another liquid is dropped onto the paper, it turns blue or red, dep... Read More »

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What is litmus paper for?

Litmus paper is one of the oldest indicators of pH within a given fluid. It was invented for chemists to test the acidity (pH or acid base) of certain materials. The paper will turn red or blue, de... Read More »

What is litmus paper?

Litmus paper is used to determine a solution's acidity or alkalinity. Litmus paper comes in blue and red strips. If a blue strip touches an acid, it turns red. If a red strip touches an alkaline so... Read More »

What is litmus paper&how is it used?

Litmus paper comes in small strips and is laced with dyes that change a certain color when exposed to an acid or a base. Typically, these papers are put in contact with a liquid for a few seconds a... Read More »

What is the function of litmus paper?

Litmus paper is used to test the pH level in a liquid. The paper contains dyes and when it's exposed to either a base or an acid, it changes to a shade of blue (base) or red/pink (acid). It's often... Read More »