What happens when you mix lithium carbonate and adderall?

Answer Jaime, talk to the Pharmacist who fills your prescription for the Lithium. He will be able to inform you.

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How to Calculate the Mass of Li in Lithium Carbonate?

Lithium carbonate (chemical formula Li2C03) is a chemical compound that finds many applications, including medicine, where it is used as an anti-psychotic. As a relatively simple compound, lithium ... Read More »

What is MagneBind 300 (Calcium Carbonate Magnesium Carbonate)?

Information not available. Generic: Calcium Carbonate Magnesium Carbonate

Is sodium a carbonate or a hydrogen carbonate?

Sodium, in its ionized (charged) form of Na⁺, can combine with a negatively charged ion. Sodium ion assumes a charge of +1, whereas carbonate ion (CO₃²⁻) assumes a charge of -2. If sodium co... Read More »

Do i need to take an iodine supplement with lithium aspartate or lithium orotate?

On One Hand: Known Effects of Prescription LithiumAccording to the Massachusetts General Hospital Comprehensive Clinical Psychiatry textbook, lithium impairs thyroid hormone production by interferi... Read More »