What is liquid chlorophyll used for?

Answer Chlorophyll is the material that causes plants to be green. Liquid chlorophyll can be consumed orally or applied topically. According to some nutritionists, drinking liquid chlorophyll provides num... Read More »

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Information on Liquid Chlorophyll?

An essential component in photosynthesis, chlorophyll uses the Sun's energy to promote life-supporting functions in plants. This is why chlorophyll bears the unofficial title of the "blood" of plan... Read More »

How much liquid chlorophyll should an obese person take?

On One Hand: Benefits of ChlorophyllChlorophyll is life-supporting substance found in plants. When consumed by humans, it offers support to many of the body's systems and can be useful in helping ... Read More »

Is Nature's way Chlorofresh liquid chlorophyll available in the Philippines?

Go to their website and send a message to their customer relations department, posing this question.

Is Nature's Way Chlorofresh Liquid Chlorophyll Available Here in the Philippines?

YOu can have it shipped in mind, it stains everything terribly, but it does remove the odor from colostomy bags. In case you wondered. Good Luck