What is liquid certo?

Answer Certo is the brand name for a liquid pectin product made by Kraft Foods.PurposeLiquid Certo is used in cooking jams, jellies and other foods. Adding Certo to the jam mixture is an essential step fo... Read More »

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What Is Certo Liquid Pectin?

Certo liquid pectin is a specific type of pectin, produced by Certo, a subsidiary of Kraft, from lime peels. Pectin is a naturally occurring carbohydrate. It is present in fruits and vegetables and... Read More »

How much Certo liquid pectin is in one package?

There is 85 ml of liquid Certo in each package. Certo makes its pectin from lime peels from Mexico. When using Certo products follow the instructions on the package and do not substitute one produc... Read More »

How do I detox certo?

Your body flushes out toxins on a regular basis. There are many supplements, treatments and methods that can aid in this process, which is called detoxification (detox). One supplement that speeds ... Read More »

How to Store Certo Pectin Jams?

Certo fruit pectin is used to help jams thicken. Certo comes in both powdered and liquid forms and can be used to make both cooked jams and "no-cook" freezer jams. Certo cooked jams can be stored a... Read More »