What is liquid bluing?

Answer White comes in many different shades, including those with pink or yellow undertones. The brightest white of all is a blue-white. Because blue reflects light, a blue-white is the most intense of al... Read More »

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How to Make Liquid Bluing Coal Crystals?

Liquid bluing coal crystals are easy to make. Despite their name, liquid bluing coal crystals are actually salt crystals. Salt is dissolved in a solution of water, liquid bluing and ammonia. Over t... Read More »

What Is Bluing on a Rifle?

A gun that has been left to rust, or an old antique one found in the attic of Grandpa's old house, may need a little help to regain its gun-metal color and restore it to its natural state. A rifle ... Read More »

What is another use for liquid hand dishwasher liquid aside from washing dishes?

What Is the Liquid in Liquid Filled Auto Gauges?

Standard auto gauges have no liquid filling and are sufficient for daily use. Gauges in high-performance or heavy use vehicles are often filled with certain liquids to reduce shock and enhance accu... Read More »