What Is Lipstick Made Out Of?

Answer It's hard to deny that applying the right shade of lipstick can add just the right finishing touch to a polished makeup routine. Few cosmetics offer the kind of gratification that lipstick, with it... Read More »

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How Does Lipstick Get Made?

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If corn oil is made from corn, and vegetable oil is made from vegetables, what is baby oil made from?

Baby oil is 100% mineral oil. It's a petroleum based product that's actually not good at all for either our skin or baby's. It'd be better to rub on the corn oil.

What color lipstick does Prentice from criminal minds wear?

Yes. he played Joe Smith, in season 3, episode 2 (In name and blood) you can find the epidode on Youtube by searching 'Criminal Minds 3x2'

How to Remove Lipstick From the Upholstery on a Car?

Car upholstery can be subjected to numerous stains. Often, a well-intentioned driver will try to remove a lipstick stain, only to find that the upholstery has been damaged and you risk making the s... Read More »