What is linoleum flooring?

Answer Linoleum flooring is also known as "green flooring" for its natural materials. It is made from wood flour, cork dust, tree resins, ground limestone, linseed oil and various mineral pigmentations. L... Read More »

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How do I get dye out of linoleum flooring?

Use SoapFill a bowl with warm water and a squirt of liquid dishwashing soap. Agitate the water, and dip a clean, dry cloth in the bowl. Squeeze the rag over the stain, and let the soapy water sit f... Read More »

Can I lay hardwood over linoleum flooring?

You can put hardwood flooring over linoleum. Make sure that the linoleum is clean and debris-free. Place a special flooring cushion under the hardwood between the linoleum and the new floor.Source:... Read More »

How do I fix scratches on a linoleum flooring?

Use Linoleum ShavingsCut shavings from a scrap piece of linoleum with a sharp razor. Shave off enough to cover the scratches. Place the shavings on an old piece of cardboard.Use Wood GluePour a sma... Read More »

What is a liner for linoleum flooring?

The surface beneath a linoleum floor needs to be completely smooth in order for the tiles or sheets to adhere properly and so that the sub-floor does not show through the linoleum. Plywood is a sui... Read More »