Can new linoleum be installed over old linoleum?

Answer Yes as long as the vinyl is in good condition without any cracks, tears, or bubbles. You will need to make sure the old is only one layer. The floor will need to be stripped and embossed so any pat... Read More »

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How to Fix Linoleum?

Linoleum tiles are made up of organic materials and pigments, which give color straight through the tile. So while linoleum is a soft product, which can scratch or be gouged it can also be repaired... Read More »

How do I get old linoleum up?

LinoleumRemove linoleum in small portions to avoid damaging the floor beneath. Fill a bucket full of hot water. Pour the hot water over the linoleum and soak it. Peel back the linoleum carefully, o... Read More »

How do you get wax off linoleum?

place a rag or a towel over the waxed area and set an iron on the rag for about 20 seconds-- this will heat the wax enough for you to wipe it up.

How do I lay linoleum over old linoleum?

CleanThoroughly clean the linoleum by sweeping and mopping it with a mild detergent, such as dishwashing liquid. Allow the old linoleum to dry before attempting to lay the new.FillerApply cement fi... Read More »