What should you do if your son is 6 years old and his birth father who has known about him all his life but never seen him now wants to be involved in his life?

Answer My son, who is 24 years old now had never met his biological father until he was 15 years old. His father contacted me after years of not even knowing where he lived and asked permission to meet hi... Read More »

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What are some songs about living in a fantasy/false life about love?

My favorites are:Anita Baker "Fairy Tales""Fairytale" - Sara Bareilles Lavigne - My Happy Ending

What is u favorite thing about life?

My four children...They are the most insparational, beautiful, wonderful, life altering reasons I get up in the morning, They are the reason why I do better with things....They are the reason life ... Read More »

What are the facts about life for a girl?

1. Cropped tops makes you look fat2. Boys think cropped tops are ugly on girls3. Boys think fat is beautiful and skinny like models is ugly4. If your father/dad says you are fat it really just mean... Read More »

What is 'iSaved Your Life' about?

"iSaved Your Life" is the ninth episode of the third season of iCarly, which premiered in the US on Monday 18th January 2010. It is expected to air in Australia and the UK on 9th November 2010. The... Read More »