Do i have leukemia or something else?

Answer How are we supposed to know? We cannot run tests, and leukemia presents with non-specific symptoms. Your symptoms are suggestive of many different conditions; some benign and some potentially malig... Read More »

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Could I Have Leukemia?

Your WBC count is not low- it's completely normal.If you had blood work done (you must have, to know your WBC count), then your platelets would have been checked. If your platelets are normal, the... Read More »

Why do i have to leukemia?

Perhaps why you have leukemia is not so important compared to how you live with leukemia. Look at your courage right now. As rotten as leukemia is . .it is evident that it has given you enormous pe... Read More »

I've leukemia, and I need some help.?

What kind of leukemia do you have? How old are you? Are you being treated on a COG protocol?When you say you'll start chemo soon, do you mean you're in the hospital and will start in a few hours ... Read More »

Do i have leukemia?

You have a bruise on your shin.Could be caused by anything.There is no reason to consider leukemia as the cause based on that.