What is legal guardian ship?

Answer As it addresses humans. you have legal possession over another human, regardless of age, by court order or notarized agreement. My oldest daugter is my legal guardian due to my health.

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What is the financial responsibility of a legal guardian?

When a parent is unable to properly raise a child, the best substitute is a legal guardian. A legal guardian assumes legal custody of the child, as well as financial responsibility for the child.Pr... Read More »

What age can you choose your legal guardian?

Technically, in the law's eyes, it is said that once you hit the age of 15, unless there is a completely good reason as to why you cannot, you can have someone fight for you in court to see who can... Read More »

What is the process to become a legal guardian of a baby?

Answer Most states require guardianship petitions to be filed by an attorney licensed to practice in the state where the action is is filed. In states that allow "self-help" the person(s) wishing ... Read More »

What age can you become someones legal guardian in the United States?

There are many different ways to become someone's gurdian but I'm pretty sure you have to be 18 yrs old.*If the parent or gurdian signs over rights to the child