What is legal expenses insurance?

Answer Legal expenses insurance (LEI) is insurance that will cover a claim for the legal fees resulting from defending or pursuing a legal claim. Legal expenses insurance is predominantly offered in Europ... Read More »

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Insurance That Covers Legal Expenses?

Most people are reluctant to call a lawyer because legal expenses are so hard to predict. A lawyer can tell you what hourly rate she will charge, and she can estimate the total cost of a lawsuit, b... Read More »

Can you decline Personal Injury Protection Insurance in New Jersey if your health insurance company pays medical expenses from an auto accident?

What are the civil or criminal legal options available if an ex who is the primary custodian has sent fraudulent receipts requesting reimbursement for medical expenses for our child in Texas.?

no No, its not right. You should take that fact to a local judge and request court ordered visitation. Answer It is only right if he poses a threat to either the mother or children. If the mother... Read More »

Acquisition costs/expenses for an insurance company?

All costs/expenses are NEGOTIABLE when you're acquiring another company. So, if you WANT marketing expenses included, you have to include it in the acquisition agreement!It's not like there's ONE ... Read More »