What is legal age to move from province to province in Canada?

Answer 18 years old and able to drive.

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In what province is Toronto in Canada?

Toronto, according to the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, is located in the Ontario province in Canada. It also serves as the capital city for Ontario. The city is located on the northwest end ... Read More »

What is the province known as Canada's oil tank?

The Canadian province of Alberta, is sometimes referred to as Canada's oil tank because of the vast stores of oil in the tar sands along the Athabasca River basin. Canada has the second most abunda... Read More »

Septic System Requirements for the Province of British Columbia, Canada?

In British Columbia there are almost 27,000 septic systems and that number grows annually by almost 500, according to the Capital Regional District. A residential septic system can be an environmen... Read More »

If a parent with sole custody wants to move to another province do they have to get permission from a judge or give a 30-day notice to the other parent?

Answer If you were given sole custody of your child by a court of law, then that's what it means "sole custody" and the father has no rights, so you are free to move where you want and when you wa... Read More »