What is lefse?

Answer Lefse is a type of soft, thin flatbread from Norway, similar to a Mexican tortilla. Although traditionally eaten on Christmas or other holidays, homemade or store-bought lefse can be enjoyed year-r... Read More »

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What country did lefse originally come from?

Lefse is a thin bread made from potatoes. It originally comes from Norway, where it is baked for Christmas and other special holidays. As Oregon State University notes, it is commonly served with ... Read More »

How to Make Flour Lefse?

Lefse on a griddle.Lefse is a customary Norwegian flat bread. Three types have evolved from different geographic regions and different uses for the bread. This recipe is for a thin dessert lefse ca... Read More »

How to Clean Lefse Rolling Pins?

Lefse is a Scandinavian pastry made from potatoes and rolled thin before it is cooked. Lefse rolling pins are knobbed or grooved pins made especially for rolling out lefse, although you can also us... Read More »

How to Make Lefse from Instant Potatoes?

Freshly made lefse cooling down on a towel.Lefse is a traditional Norwegian flat bread made of potatoes and flour. Originally, it is made it out of potatoes that have been boiled and mashed; this r... Read More »