What is on a cellphone?

Answer i just received a text from telling me about a special message & go to i haven't went there yet, wanted to google it first. i think i'll wait a little while to see... Read More »

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Is it possible to charge a cellphone with the help of another cellphone?

a cellphone can not be charged by another cellphone

My daughter is ten years old and she want a cellphone.i give her the cellphone or not?

seriously what does a 10yr old need a cell phone for? Other than a status symbol?

Hear others cellphone conversation in your cellphone?

Answer yes you can by calling them at same time, if you have the elite06 celphone that is new it is 1000.00

What is a PDA cellphone?

PDA cell phones are also called smart phones. They are designed to make calls but also can keep files, mobile applications, send and receive email and browse the Internet. Smart phones are a combin... Read More »