What is lean production?

Answer Many manufacturers today employ lean production, a manufacturing technique developed in Japan over a century ago. The idea of lean production is to keep manufacturing processes as simple as possibl... Read More »

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What is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma is a hybrid of two business methodologies: Lean, which improves speed and efficiency in operations; and Six Sigma, which improves quality. Lean Six Sigma both are continuous improvem... Read More »

What is lean sigma?

Lean sigma is the union of two business strategies, lean manufacturing and six sigma. The lean aspect focuses on making processes more efficient and profitable, while six sigma focuses on eliminati... Read More »

What does LEAN stand for?

According to Acronym Finder, the acronym LEAN can stand for many phrases, such as Louisiana Environmental Action Network, Lease Enforcement Attorney Network, Lean Education Academic Network and Law... Read More »

What Makes an Engine Run Lean?

Modern internal combustion engines have many different types of sensors, hoses and controls to monitor and manage the engine during normal operation. An engine that is running lean--or that has too... Read More »