What is lean manufacturing process?

Answer The lean manufacturing process is a basic set of principles to continuously improve a manufacturing process by minimizing consumption and maximizing production value.HistoryThe lean manufacturing p... Read More »

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Who uses lean manufacturing?

The automotive industry is the primary user of lean manufacturing. Other industries using lean manufacturing are jet engine manufacturers, radiator and boiler makers, electronic transfer products a... Read More »

Who founded lean manufacturing?

Taiichi Ohno is considered the founder of the Toyota Production System (TPS), which was developed in 1950. Womack, Jones and Roos coined the term "lean manufacturing" to describe TPS in their 1990 ... Read More »

What is the definition of lean manufacturing?

Knowing what adds value, or what your customer is willing to pay for, is the focus of the lean manufacturing method. Improving value by reducing waste is key to the process.DefinitionLean manufactu... Read More »

Job Description for Lean Manufacturing?

Experts in lean manufacturing are usually industrial engineers with training in lean manufacturing. However, lean manufacturing experts include Masters in Business Administration consultants with l... Read More »