History of Lava Soap?

Answer Lava Soap is an American brand of soap available since 1893 and is currently produced and distributed by WD-40. Lava's unique blend of soap and pumice is the ideal abrasive cleanser for heavy duty ... Read More »

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What year was Lava soap developed?

Lava soap was first developed in 1893 in St. Louis, Missouri, by the William Waltke Company. Lava soap's key ingredient is pumice, a volcanic rock that is formed when lava solidifies.References:Lav... Read More »

What year was Lava soap originally developed?

In 1893, the Waltke company developed Lava soap in Saint Lewis, Missouri. The name was chosen because the soap contains volcanic lava pumice. Now, Lava soap and WD-40 are part of the same company.S... Read More »

What soap removes the most grease dish soap hand soap or shampoo?

You put dishwasher soap in the jet dry despinser now you have bubbles how to get the dish soap out of the despenser?

Take the door apart and remove the jet dry reservoir. Thoroughly rinse out the reservoir, then put everything back together.