What is lateral violence?

Answer The legal definition of lateral violence is that it is violence that occurs when victims of a dominating situation begin turning against each other rather than confronting the system working agains... Read More »

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What are lateral filing cabinets?

While a normal file cabinet is measured by height, a lateral file cabinet is measured by width. They are primarily used to save space over a traditional file cabinet.FunctionThe function of a later... Read More »

What is the atria of the lateral ventricle?

The lateral ventricles are made up of multiple non-discrete sections, including anterior, posterior and temporal horns. The atria are an area in the posterior horn.

What Does Lateral Vs. Medial Mean?

Medical, health and fitness professionals use the terms lateral and medial to indicate where parts of the body are in relation to each other, and to reference injured areas of limbs and organs.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Lateral Filing Cabinet?

If you keep your office filing system simple, it will be easily understood by your employees. File cabinets are designed to give your employees as much ease of storage and access as possible.