What is laser eye surgery for cataracts?

Answer Cataract surgery requires the cloudy lens be removed and replaced with a permanent lens implant. Lasers cannot be used, but can be utilized to eliminate cloudiness that builds up afterward, accordi... Read More »

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What is laser eye surgery?

Laser technology is used to treat many medical conditions, and is now used as a crucial solution in the world of eye and vision care. Laser eye surgery is a procedure done to correct eye conditions... Read More »

Do you think the NHS will ever do laser eye surgery?

Probably not when vision can be dealt with using glasses, it'd be great if they did though.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Get Laser Eye Surgery?

In the US legally it is 18. But, the reputable doctors will wait longer in most cases because people are still developing and their eyes do change well after that. So, the issue is really when you ... Read More »

Eye-laser surgery?

my dad has taken the laser surgey last year...he had an eye sight of almost -9 (both eyes). Now he does not wear glasses at all, laser surgery will last until you die only if your eye sight is cons... Read More »