What is laser eye surgery?

Answer Laser technology is used to treat many medical conditions, and is now used as a crucial solution in the world of eye and vision care. Laser eye surgery is a procedure done to correct eye conditions... Read More »

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What are the risks of laser eye surgery?

Laser eye surgeries have a very high success rate, but as with any surgical procedure there are risks that can come as a result. Despite the fact that some potential risks could result in worse vis... Read More »

What is a ruby laser for surgery?

A ruby laser generates a red light spectrum laser. It is used for cosmetic skin surgery, such as tattoo removal and the reduction of skin spots like freckles, according to the American Society of D... Read More »

What is laser eye surgery for cataracts?

Cataract surgery requires the cloudy lens be removed and replaced with a permanent lens implant. Lasers cannot be used, but can be utilized to eliminate cloudiness that builds up afterward, accordi... Read More »

What are the dangers of laser surgery?

There are many surgeries today done with lasers rather than conventional surgical tools. Lasers are used to treat conditions such as cancer as well as for cosmetic procedures like hair removal. Lik... Read More »