What is laptop memory?

Answer Computer memory is usually a location for the rapid storage and retrieval of temporary information, but "memory" can also refer to long-term data storage. For several reasons, memory is handled dif... Read More »

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Difference Between Laptop Memory & Desktop Memory?

System memory, more commonly known as random access memory or RAM, is present in all computers, regardless of their size or compactness. It allows the central processing unit (CPU) to quickly recal... Read More »

What is the memory controller on a laptop?

All laptops have a memory controller installed. Memory controllers communicate between your central processing unit and random access memory, or RAM. The memory controller is located in one of two ... Read More »

What kind of memory is typically used on a notebook or laptop?

Like desktop computers, laptops and notebooks typically have both RAM and ROM memory. The RAM memory stores running application data, while ROM memory holds the BIOS material, files and application... Read More »

I have a DELL notebook with 1GB memory. but my laptop is really slow. can somebody tell me what is the problem?

first off, if you are running vista, it requires 1gb of ram to run. i would suggest your first run the disk defragmentation utility(defrag)then i would open the configuration utility. click start, ... Read More »