What is lac hydrin lotion used for?

Answer Lac-Hydrin lotion is used to treat dry, scaly skin and ichthyosis vulgaris, which causes dead skin cells to accumulate in thick patches on the skin. It also relieves itching as a result of these co... Read More »

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What do you use Lotion for?

Would you use lotion?

a good lotion will work fine. Personally what I might suggest would be vaseline just before you got to bed. But throughout the day, lotion will be best.

What Is Q10 Lotion?

It's common to see moisturizers and lotions boasting "Q10" on drugstore shelves. Coenzyme Q10 is produced by the body and is necessary for basic cell function, according to Research... Read More »

About Lotion?

Lotion is a liquid application, usually water-based, that is used on the skin surface to treat skin problems or to hydrate dry skin. Lotion can be used for cleaning, for softening or as an astringe... Read More »